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Please note that products are subject to availability. Prices may vary depending on wholesale price. 

Please message us with your order including your required quantity of each product on our Facebook pageDue to the current situation, we are limiting products. This will change in the future, but please message us if you require a higher amount than stated, and we will check if this is possible.

Food Items

Name of Item Price per 100g/ml
Pasta Penne 16p
Spaghetti 20p
Macaroni 16p
Lasagne Sheets 16p
Long grain rice 15p
Jasmine Rice (Out of Stock) 22p
Risotto Rice (Out of Stock 38p
Basmati Rice 20p
Brown Basmati 51p
Thick Egg Noodles 25p
Large Free Range Eggs x6 £1.50
Yellow Lentils 24p
Red Lentis 41p
Wild Black Rice £2.48
Potatoes (Unwashed) 10p
Dried Soybeans 26p
Dried Chickpeas 72p
Pearl Barley 41p
Brown Lentils 26p
Quinoa 78p
Yeast Flakes £2.89
Sliced Cranberries £1.09
Goji Berries £2.15
Apricots £1.07
Monkey Nuts 50p
Peanut Butter Filled Pretzel Bites 80p
Ginger Crystallised (Organic) £1.13
Banana Chips £1.47
Yogurt Coated Banana Chips £1.70
Dark Chocolate Coated Ginger (Out of Stock)  £1.73
White Yogurt Balls 50p
Chia Seeds 84p
Sunflower Seeds 41p
Pumpkin Seeds £1.46
Sesame Seeds £2.93
Whole Almonds £1.83
Hazelnuts (Out of Stock) £1.50
Cashew Nutes £1.82
Wasabi Peas 93p
Golden Linseed 52p
Coco Nibs £1.30
Eight Fruit & Fibre Muesli (Out of Stock) 69p
Nut Muesli 37p
Muesli Organic Deluxe 62p
Creamy Easy Oats 14p
Low Sugar Granola 65p
Bran Sticks (Out of Stock) 90p
Pecan & Maple Granola (Out of Stock) £1.19p
Cornflakes 34p
Custard Poweder 24p
Popping Corn 71p
Desiccated Coconut (Out of Stock) 60p
Granulated Sugar 10p
Organic Unrefined Cane Sugar 53p
Strong White Flour 26p
Strong Wholemeal Flour 26p
Sage & Stuffing Mix 29p
Cornflour 30

Partners Foods

Name of Item Price
Worcestershire Honey £4
Julies Gorgeous Goodies Apple & Tarragon Jelly £1.50
Julies Gorgeous Goodies Apple & Cinnamon Jelly £1.75
Julies Gorgeous Goodies Vegan Mincemeat with Brandy £1.85
Julies Gorgeous Goodies Apple & Rosemary Jelly £1.75
Julies Gorgeous Goodies Sweet Chilli Jam (Small) £1.90
Julies Gorgeous Goodies Sweet Chilli Jam (Large) £3.60
Julies Gorgeous Goodies Lemon Marmalade £3
Julies Gorgeous Goodies Sloe Jelly £2
Julies Gorgeous Goodies Pumpkin Pie Jam £2
Julies Gorgeous Goodies Nectarines in Sugar Syrup £2
Julies Gorgeous Goodies Pickled Onions (Light East Asian) £3.50
Julies Gorgeous Goodies Pickled Onions (Traditional) £3.50
Julies Gorgeous Goodies Pickled Onions (Honey) £6.50
Tomato Cooking Sauce Small £1.00
Large £1.50 (Out of Stock)

Loose Tea/Coffee/Tea

Name of Item Price per 10g
(50g limit per product)
PG Tips Tea Bags 13p (£1.30 for 100g approx. 33 teabags - 500g limit)
Indian Chai 60p
Classic Tea 12p
Rhubarb Fizz Tea (Out of Stock) 54p
Dandelion Tea 25p
Camomile Flowers 33p
Organic Honeybush 42p
Milk Thistle 31p
Red Bush Rooibos Tea 19p
Echinacea Tea 49p
Arabic & Robusta Blend (Coffee Beans) 17p
Masters Coffee Beans (Fairtrade Organic) 23p

Herbs & Spices

Note: Average herb containers roughly hold 7g-20g

Name of Item Price per 10g
(30g limit per product)
Turmeric 13p
Cajun Spice 19p
Coarse Sea Salt 6p
Black Pepper Coarse 23p
Coriander 13p
Chilli Powder 7p
Mixed Masala 7p
Mild Madras 6p
Mixed Curry Powder 6p
Red Chilli Seeds Crushed 6p
Himalayan Salt 6p
Ginger Powder 17p
Garlic Granules 5p
Paprika 9p
Cumin Seeds 8p
Oregano (Out of Stock) 26p
Black Peppercorn 15p
Coriander Seeds 15p
Five Spice Powder 28p
Fennel Powder 10p
Mint 20p
Bay Leaves 34p
Star Anise 19p
Chives 26p
Parsley 21p
Coriander Leaves 24p
Lemon Grass 22p
Marjoram 23p
Mixed Herbs 24p
Basil 17p

Vinegars & Oils

Name of Item Price per 100ml
(500ml limit per product)
White Vinegar 17p
Balsamic Vinegar 49p
Malt Vinegar 7p
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 75p
Rapeseed Oil 60p

Gluten Free

Name of Item Price per 100g
(500g limit per product)
Organic Oat Flakes £2.09
Gluten Free Brown Rice Flakes 70p
Pasta Twists £1.20
White Self-Raising Flour (Out of Stock) 29p
Baking Powder (Out of Stock) £1.30

Cleaning Products

Name of Item Price per 100ml
(500ml limit per product)
Ecoleaf Laundry Liquid 37p
Ecoleaf Softener 35p
Bio-D Softener 30p
Fill Laundry Powder (2tbsp per wash) 51p
Surf Tropical Lily Laundry Powder 20p
Soap Nuts (5-6 nuts last for 2-3 washes) £2.86
Laundry Bleach (15g per wash) 74p
Bio Washing Powder  £5.65 / 1kg bag (17 washes)
Ecoleaf Washing Up Liquid 31p
Bio Washing Up Liquid (Out of Stock) 30p
2works Washing Up Liquid 17p
Bicarb 35p
Flash All-Purpose Cleaner 22p
Bio-D Multi-Purpose Sanitiser (Concentrate) 39p
Bio-D All-Purpose Sanitiser 27p
Ecover Multi-Purpose Sanitiser 39p
Bio-D Bathroom Cleaner 25p
Ecoleaf Toilet Cleaner 54p
Fairy Lemon Washing Up Liquid 22p
Ecoleaf Kitchen Towel - 2 Rolls (Out of Stock) £2.80
Unpaper Towels, 100% Pure Cotton (Reusable / Washable Alternative to Kitchen Roll) 1 for £2.50
6 for £12.00

Personal Care

Name of Item Price per 100ml
(500ml limit per product)
Almond Oil Shampoo 32p
Honey & Oatmeal Shampoo 32p
Honey & Oatmeal Conditioner (Out of Stock) 30p
Coconut Conditioner (Out of Stock) 32p
Hair Aid Conditioner 32p
Peach Hair & Body 30p
Coconut Hair & Body 83p
Suma Rose Petal & Geranium Conditioner (Out of Stock) 62p
Deep Clarifying Shampoo (Removes build-up of styling products) 32p
Faith in Nature Aloe Very Body Wash £1.23
Faith in Nature Lavender & Geranium £1.23
Faith in Nature Seaweed & Citrus Conditioner £1.18
Faith in Nature Jojoba Shampoo £1.25
Faith in Nature Jojoba Conditioner £1.21
Hand Lotion 91p
Creamy Hand Wash 97p
Bath Bombs (Vegan, SLS, and Paraben Free) 40p
3 for £1.00
Camomile Bath Salts £1.00
Epsom Salts 16p
Crystal Rock Salt 50p
Himalayan Bath Salts 70p

Care Items

Name of Item Price
Shampoo Bar in a Tin £4.70
Adult Bamboo Toothbrush £4.00
Child Bamboo Toothbrush £3.50
Faith in Nature Orange Soap (Vegan) £2.20
Citrus Dream Soap Bar (SLS & Paraben Free) £2.80
Black Raspberry & Vanilla Soap Bar £2.80
Sicilian Lemon & Calendula Soap Bar £2.80
Sweet Orange Soap (SLS & Paraben Free) £2.80
Sisal Soap Bag £2.50
Cheeky Panda Boxed Tissue (Out of Stock) £1.70
Cheeky Panda Wipes £2.50
Ecoroll 2ply Soft White Recycled Tissue (4 rolls) £2.35
Carevix Menstrual Cup Size A/B £8.50

Gifts & Other Items

Name of Item Price
Coke (330ml can) £1.00 
Fanta Fruit Twist Zero (330ml can) 80p
Metal Double Wall Flasks (500ml, perfect for hot & cold drinks  £9.99
Reusable Bamboo Coffee Cup £5.00
Metal Straw & Cleaner £2.20
Gift Boxes - Can be personalised for occasions (Bath Bombs x2, Soap, Soap Bag, Camomile Bath Salts, Daisy Bag containing reusable bamboo face pads) £12.00